Cuban Market

Man has their concerns in all corners of the Tierra.Lin Yutang General much has been mentioned with regard to the participation of Venezuela in relation to his foray into the Cuban market and this has given rise to polemics, contrasts, since then, some from the political point of view, and others, from economic, social, cultural. However, it is a fact and requires even by scholars of the marketing, especially those who attend Postgraduate degree in this field, especially the concerning international trade, under my responsibility, if it is favorable or not. Remains in the environment, especially given the reality of a turbulent scenario as that currently faced, the concern of what has been really the benefit of Venezuela this opening commercial, cultural, social and even political integration to Cuba? The fact, that all this has given way to many contrapositions, discontent, made that cannot be ignored, especially since the academic approach which corresponds to us, hence, that the Chair of international trade of the program masters in management of the graduate of the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, Faces, cannot escape this analysis, this debate on the scope and impact of such fact generated, and above all highlighting their weaknesses, threats, strengths, opportunities, as well as provide opinions to this reality. Since then, this writing simply give some guidelines that deserve to be evaluated with more intensity by scholars of these topics and other article will discuss briefly what this incursion represents for the country itself. Analysis, background, scope. Reminds us and participant of the Chair very well brings Orlando CASTEJoN, that since President Hugo Chavez came to the national Government, the Cuba-Venezuela relationship was narrowing most every year of his Government, to such an extent that there are already a large number of bilateral agreements between both countries and this has given so much to analyze, determine what This represents for the country, especially in its economic benefits. Others who may share this opinion include Ben Horowitz.