Internet Services

Typically, users Internet searching, etc. the resources that allow users to post their jobs, news, as well as messages. Find such sites is very simple. Enough to type in any search engine (Rambler, Yandex and Google), like this one request: movie download depositfiles. According to the above phrase search engine selects a set of resources, where allowed to post links to content.

Finding a way suitable for the subject site or forum, you'll need it register and publish their news (post), if this forum, then add a new post. On such resources tend to have well-established pattern news. Click Howard Schultz for additional related pages. Check out these features of the design, based on positions other users, and decorate their news accordingly: write the contents of the archive, its size, a reference to it in several file hosting services and other information that will be useful to the user. Many resources where you can spread your message require a link to several file hosting. This is due to the commitment of users to different sharing services, as well as it provides a guarantee that one of Links do not be beaten. Then write the news and reports on several thematic resources and forums, their visitors will get your files, provided that they are interested in them, of course.

And you will earn money for each unique downloads. set the price for 1000 unique downloads. This price is different sharing services varies from 5 to $ 20. Price may also depend on the size of the file from which your file to the user shakes network. More information about the conditions of payment Games you can read in the relevant articles of the section on sharing services. If you do not have e-purse WebMoney, but now it's time to start it. Since it translate make you money. Webmoney is used for online purchases of various goods, payment of mobile services and the Internet, as well as to transfer money to other e-wallets (for example, Yandex). If necessary, you can withdraw money from an electronic purse.