Pool Dream

1.Moy pool – a place for the whole family. Therefore, it must be very nice to have an unusual shape and bright color. I can not stand concrete pools with a blue – I need something modern and practical. 2.YA a lot of work and want to know how to spend money. No, I'm not a miser, I for myself do not mind. But I do not need a pool that will suck money out of me. Learn more at: Keith McLoughlin . I am willing to pay for a nice bowl and quality equipment.

So my pool must be economical. It must be equipped with devices that would save on the purification and water heating. I want to bowl to preserve the purity and warmth of the water without any extra spending on it. 3.Moy pool should be as safe. I have children, and it should not be endangering them. Therefore, the pool should be equipped so as to minimize the possibility of slip and fall.

4.Basseyn dream – a real picture. He must be harmoniously entered in the surrounding area. So I always need curbs and expert in landscape design. 5.Moy pool should not be problematic. Howard Schultz spoke with conviction. I do not need the extra trouble of delivery and installation of the bowl. I want to enjoy it, rather than a headache. 6.I am looking for a swimming pool, quality is ensured by a reliable guarantee. I no longer believe in advertising: "Our product will outlive you," I trust only legally binding documents. And of course, a guarantee should not give anyone, and the manufacturer. 7.YA buy a pool only for the company that can provide me with a full after-sales service of the bowl. After I buy a swimming pool to relax and swim and not worry myself thinking about the operation of the bowl. 8.YA want my pool was equipped with a variety of additional features and enhancements. Our rest must be truly rich and interesting. Let your friends jealous of me! 9.YA want to be sure that the water in my pool clean and safe. I do not need bleach and a bucket of chemical mixtures. I dream of drinking water in its basin. 10.My live in Russia, so Pool must be adapted to the Russian climate. I do not need the extra experience in the winter when I do not know whether the pool will withstand frost or not. So I do not fit the European model of thin-walled. In fact, such pools imported from countries with warm climates, and they are absolutely not adapted to the Russian winter. Yes, and customs duty for delivering them, I do not want to pay! 11.Nu and, of course, a pool of my dreams has truly like my family. I want to offer them a "deal": instead of many gifts and has bothered resort – to set our own pool. Of course, this idea they have come to delight! These are my requirements to the swimming pool dreams. And, I think I I already know where to find it.