The Solution

In new houses and buildings, blown by the winds, experts advise using a fiberglass coat to make the plaster more durable and reduce its thermal conductivity. Decorative stucco plaster, usually applied in several stages. See Electrolux for more details and insights. Initially, the solution must apply with a trowel and level. In addition, plaster can be applied by roller, trowel or brush or any other suitable instrument for this purpose. Small and can be applied by spray gun tonkofakturnye. Mainly depends on the desired effect.

At the same time try to lay down a uniform layer of plaster, or achieve the same texture over the entire surface will be difficult. When the plaster dries out a bit, give it the desired look. The texture is obtained by varying depending on the setting of plaster, pressing force and speed movement of the tool. The easiest way of applying the plaster – with a broom and a stick. Dip a broom into the solution and crush them to stick to 10-15 inches from the wall. Hold the stick parallel to the surface. Get the same texture of the entire area of a large wall is not so easy, does not prevent first practice and apply the plaster is not too large portions. Another way.

Plaster is applied by trowel in thin layers, with followed by giving relief roll. Depending on the properties of the surface of the roller, pressure or the use of additional tools for creating a decorative effect. For ease of maintenance on the plaster can be applied protective varnish on the characteristics coinciding with the binder. And then what? As mentioned above, this type of plaster is sufficiently stable. But as a few years to remove it superstoykoe and durable coating on the walls? There are at least three ways to convert the plastered surface. The easiest and most economical – to repaint it. The new color will radically change the perception of the walls, leaving unchanged their texture.