Combination Materials

This saves cover from strong wind gusts. One of the optional but highly desirable requirements – heat-function. Jonas Samuelson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The combination of protection from moisture and cold in one material – perfect for your home. Selection materials for sealing any type of roofing material is covered by most of the bitumen. It is this coverage in today's construction market is one of the most popular and widely used for waterproofing flat roofs. Some time ago, for the waterproofing of the roof of any kind used three basic materials: roofing felt, asphalt and gidrostekloizol. Filed under: Jonas Samuelson. Now, they fade into the background as the replacement came polymer-bitumen coating.

These roll-facing materials are based not prone to rotting fiberglass or polyester. Application of new generation materials for the waterproofing of the roof ensures durability reliability and long life roof. Waterproofing mastic and rolled materials is carried out on roofs with slopes up to 60 degrees. In general, the angle of roof pitch determines the number of waterproofing layers, including the number of layers of reinforced mastic. Waterproofing can be done at various grounds roof. It may be a tree, and any metal, concrete.

In addition, the roofing carpet can be laid at the old paint or slate. Mastic roofing waterproofing of the roof is sometimes made with mastic. In this case, roll roofing materials are used. This creates a roofing mastic. Its advantage is that eventually obtained work seamless membrane. In addition, this coating is created directly on the roof, no need to perform additional work to prepare. Putty also has good adhesion to concrete, various metals, as well as bituminous materials. Waterproofing cement is as follows: bitumen-polymer mastic is applied to the base of the concrete, after which on the surface of a thin but strong and elastic membrane. After complete curing coating is monolithic. The use of mastic for waterproofing of roofs of various justified for residential buildings and industrial facilities.