Organizational Activities

For example, a deviation from the equilibrium state of "need – activities" (dialectical form of development which is the individual consciousness), ie with the birth of the body's need for violation of its homeostasis, the birth of the "struggle" (in this case, the birth of activities aimed at restoring homeostasis) in the following order. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Howard Schultz has to say. First – the realization of their individual states, the situation (awareness generated needs). The second – recognition of the ways, forms and methods of addressing this need. The third – the organization of practical activities to meet this need. That is essentially the deviation from equilibrium of the system "Need – to work" is not in violation of homeostasis, and the knowledge generated by this violation of individual needs, (it is clear that we are talking about conscious human needs). Exactly also a deviation from the equilibrium state of the system "individual – the individual" and its derivative forms is defined, for example, the fact of exploitation of man by man, and awareness of this fact, opposition to this system.

If, however, this fact is understood, for example, only the exploiters – the "struggle" is seen only in the form of propaganda of the exploiters, where the existing relations of production that make the operation are presented as the acme of perfection. And only when there is awareness of the exploited the fact that they use when there is a discovery of knowledge about the possibility of establishing new relations of production, excluding the existing forms of exploitation, only then comes the "struggle" in the form of some concrete ways to fight exploited for the transformation of industrial relations. Exploitation of man by man accompanies mankind from the first steps of its origin.