Prague Czech Republic

A pilot project in the Czech Republic. A foreign citizen apply for a residence permit in the Czech Republic under an employment contract with a Czech employer and received a long-term work visa ( 60 internal classification) can count on quickly obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic using the "Pilot Project for the Czech Republic for foreign nationals." Receiving long-term work visa allows a foreigner to submit documents to the committee to consider petitions for the issue obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Group of citizens representing the public interest is high-profile professionals, with higher medical, technical, economic, legal education, foreigners who speak foreign languages and rare professional data, young professionals in various fields of science and technology. Representatives of foreign countries – immigrants are regarded as necessary national product for development in all areas of development in the economic sphere of the Czech Republic. In this case, the authorities turn a blind eye to the origin and the national status of a foreign citizen who wants to live, develop and work for the benefit of the Czech Republic. In obtaining permanent residence through a "pilot project" foreigner automatically receives a permit for permanent residence for his family (spouse, child), they have the right to expect to receive permanent residence in accelerated mode. Registration of permanent residence using a "pilot project" is possible in two and a half years, as opposed to obtaining such a business visa (legal entity registered in the Czech Republic) where the term 5 years of residence in the Czech Republic and the maximum period of absence of a foreigner in the Czech Republic during these five years in an amount not to exceed 10 calendar months.