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Product Packaging

The process of evaporation does not stop at a relative humidity of 100%. Processing of fruit and vegetable cargoes by various antiseptics prevents the development of microorganisms and fungi on the surface of fruits and vegetables and keeps a refrigerated cargo spaces increased humidity, which can reduce shrinkage and loss of cargo from microbiological spoilage. […]

Power Consumption

Change in power consumption may manually with the remote control transmitter, or automatically using feedback from pressure sensors, flow, etc. The presence of embedded controllers for sensors, control panels to display the technological parameters, built-in thermal protection, overvoltage protection and maximum currents of safe shutdown, making connection of converters to existing drive systems available for […]

Russian Federation

In areas where there is a sufficient network of ground observation posts, patrolling aircraft may take the form of episodic patrol missions during periods of high fire danger in forests due to weather conditions, for control of fire propaganda, and perform other special assignments. Patrol mode is established in accordance with the Regulations of the […]

Centrifugal Fans. Quality For Your Business .

For every room, even though it will be an office or even more separate area for industrial use, requires a carefully engineered system of refreshing air. And constructed, it must better at the level of construction of the building. However, not always a natural ventilation system can help, especially if the rooms are used for […]