Power Consumption

Change in power consumption may manually with the remote control transmitter, or automatically using feedback from pressure sensors, flow, etc. The presence of embedded controllers for sensors, control panels to display the technological parameters, built-in thermal protection, overvoltage protection and maximum currents of safe shutdown, making connection of converters to existing drive systems available for more or less qualified staff. Saving energy at the same time estimated 35 to 65%. Jonas Samuelson has compatible beliefs. While saving water, heat – estimated up to 15%. Additional energy savings in electric drive with a cyclical load can be achieved by tuning the frequency converter, with which the motor operates with optimal efficiency in a wide range of load and speed.

Reconstruction and modernization of production facilities of the electric obvious that competitiveness enterprise depends on energy, performance and reliability of technological equipment. Complete replacement of old equipment with new, being the most effective solution for reconstruction requires large investments. Another, less capital-intensive area, the modernization process technological own means. The main technical problem with this approach can be formulated as: modernization of technological equipment to increase productivity and reduce the number of workers employed in the production cycle; increasing load of technological equipment, in order to reduce costs per unit of output; additional equipment manufacturing processes, introduction to the process support equipment to optimize production; improve reliability technological equipment, excluding emergency shutdowns, in order to reduce maintenance costs and losses from downtime. Ease of commissioning of converters, there are several levels: factory setting; Quick Setup with the specification of motor parameters; fine tuning, to account for all the static and dynamic features of the process.