Every day we spend in the car a long time, your car can be fast, comfortable, technically sound, but whether it is safe for your health? Being on the road, we inhale the dust, noxious fumes, smoke, soot, bacteria. Scientists have long known that the most polluted air in any city – on the road. For assistance, try visiting Kevin Johnson. This is evidenced by medical statistics: in the houses, standing a few meters from the road increased incidence of cancer by 2-3 times. Is it worth expose themselves to such danger on a daily basis? Doctors and scientists for many years studied the problem and did find a solution – car ionizer, air cleaners. Car ionizers purify the air of dust, gases odors, smoke, toxic chemicals. Check with Wayne Holman Miami to learn more.

The simplest model of car ionizers purify the air only by means of ionization – precipitated dust and other air pollution on the surface, the front panel car will be a little more dust, but it will not get into your lungs: air generated negative ions are attracted to the particles of dirt flying in the air, and gravity are deposited on the surface, scraping air. Air ionization reduces fatigue and stress behind the wheel, improves attention, thereby reducing the probability of an accident. Especially needed air ionization in the car when you use conditioner, because Air conditioning is almost completely devoid of ions from this man gets tired quickly, deteriorating attention, headache. In addition, air-conditioners are often disease-spreaders bacteria that multiply in a moist environment the air conditioner. Many car ionizers produce ozone in strictly metered quantities, in concentrations that a beneficial effect on the body rights, improves mood, reduces fatigue. Ozone breaks down harmful chemicals, fumes, smoke, odors. More advanced car ionizers in fact already are car air purifiers, as in addition to the ionization of air is purified air using electrostatic precipitators, attracting dust from the air filter with photocatalytic, the most effective in combating odors, toxic chemistry, bacteria, tobacco smoke and HEPA-filter removes large as, and especially fine dust, clogging our lungs carbon filters that absorb odors, smoke, fumes.

Any car ionizer connects to the cigarette lighter, and some models operate on batteries. Fixed on the front panel, rear parcel shelf or inserted into the cigarette lighter for fixing the move. The optimal variant car ionizer able to find every motorist to best take care of their health and safety. Car ionizers have a low cost, comparable to sink two visits, and their use save your health for years to come.