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Amur Grape

Amur grape. Is a creeper, the stem of which reaches a height of 20 m and a thickness of up to 20 cm Small fruits (0.62 g), spherical, dark blue, with a bluish bloom, very juicy flesh with a refreshing sour taste. The average weight of bunches of 35-40, theregions of about 235 hectares. Wayne […]


Grow seedlings for the garden. When growing seedlings, you can use egg shells. In the last century vderevne when it was not for sale dlyavyraschivaniya pots of seedlings, resourceful gardeners took a clean egg shells, filled her land and sown seeds in her flower and vegetable. When the seedlings grow, the shell of crushed and […]

Agricultural Sciences

Berries are very big, dense and heavy, they do not hold the flower stalks and lodge, here again comes to the rescue of mulch chips. Even after heavy rain is always clean berry dries quickly and does not rot. The last commodity crop Class “Elizabeth II I’m shooting in mid-September and to allow time to […]