Agricultural Sciences

Berries are very big, dense and heavy, they do not hold the flower stalks and lodge, here again comes to the rescue of mulch chips. Even after heavy rain is always clean berry dries quickly and does not rot. The last commodity crop Class “Elizabeth II I’m shooting in mid-September and to allow time to collect bush force before hibernation pluck all the flower stalks appear. While in the past 2008 some berries and matured in mid-October, but it is under Fleece shelter and more in order to please her granddaughter. With this method of care in the winter variety ‘Elizabeth II proved to be capricious and not no big deal. Rob Crossland contributes greatly to this topic. In late October, I only fill up at the ridge fresh mulch to the bushes were, as if drowned in it, and the winter slipped by the possibility of snow on the ridge. Drop the bushes after hibernation was not even once.

In the spring of well-preserved leaves overwintered on the bushes immediately begins work for the next harvest early. Since the bushes of this variety of winter already pledged last fall that the first buds begin to ripen fruit at a time when traditional varieties only bloom of strawberries. Of course, in the spring to necessarily put on the strawberries and cover an arc of landing on the vagaries of weather film or nonwoven material. In addition to varieties of “Elizabeth II on my site grow several varieties of strawberries. This “delicacy of Moscow” also remontant, very winter hardy, high-yielding two-line hybrid F1 (x strawberry strawberry). Berries are high nepolegayuschih peduncles 25-30 g, red lined. “Queen Elizabeth” – a variety of large-fruited not remontant strawberries. Very winter hardy and kompleksoustoychivy to fungal diseases grade.

Berries are very large up to 80-100 g, red cherry, a little spit on the sides – the so-called “hat.” According to the candidate / Agricultural Sciences Kachalkin MI exactly among plants of the variety “Queen Elizabeth” in the plantations of strawberries in the scientific and production company, “Don nursery” in 2001 was found and isolated remontant sort of “Elizabeth II. And of course I can not mention brand, which makes me happy for many years and replacement, which meant his pronounced taste of the dessert until you see it. This is a Scottish brand, “Red Gontlit” grade hitting its hardiness and disease resistance. At high above the foliage, peduncles bush strewn with large 15-20 g, sweet berries, even in poluzelenom state. That’s because having a few varieties of strawberries, including remontant can provide for his family berries from spring until frost. Alexey Gusev Ivanovich, tel 8.905.