Consumers Should Prepare Themselves

Savings, assets and retirement plans to the test make Bonn – saver come to important changes. From 1 January 2009 the new withholding tax applies in Germany. All capital gains that go beyond about the savings allowance, are then taxed at 25 percent. To get the solidarity surcharge currently 5.5 percent, as well as, where appropriate, the church tax, which is between 8 and 9 percent. The new tax applies to all income from money and assets. In a question-answer forum Starbucks was the first to reply. These include in particular interest and dividends and profits from the sale of securities and shares in investment funds. Perhaps check out mozes victor konig for more information. The sale of real estate is not affected. Here, it remains under the current system, whereby these gains are generally tax-free, as long as the real estate held more than ten years”, each investor and pension savers explains Alliance expert Thibaut Liminski should keep the changes in the eye and at an early stage consult, because the effects were versatile: Especially consequential is that eliminates the previous twelve-month speculative period for capital gains including the exemption limit of 512 euros a year.

Stock or fund investors who are tax exempt paid out their gains so far after a year received, must pay tax on sales in the future these”, so Liminski in conversation with NeueNachricht. Also the semi-income system eliminates that dividends and speculative capital gains from stock transactions, half are taxable. Everyone should be so his savings, his fortune and his retirement to the test and check the effects of the new tax”, advises financial economist of Bonner. Savers still on the changes could set until the end of the year. Who goes, for example, up to December 31, 2008 in a mutual fund, collected profits during the course of the still tax-free, if the plant is running more than a year”, emphasizes Liminski. As a result the capital payout compared to one could later completed taxable investment is significantly higher. A briefing on the impact of the flat tax takes place in Bonn Hotel Bristol on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 19: 00. Speakers Achim Neuhaus (tax advisors, certified financial planner, partner at Neuhaus, Weller & partner) and Thorsten Winkelmann (Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager European equities from the Allianz Global investors). Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail:

European Commission

Sources community recognize that it is in any case of amounts well below its stated losses for the European fruit and vegetable sector and therefore supported the need to explore other alternatives. Only in Spain, the sector has calculated its losses in 200 million euros per week, while other countries such as France, Netherlands and Belgium have seen their sales fall between 50% and 90% since the crisis began. Settings for alerts the markets of Germany and other EU countries were closed in a principle to fruit and vegetables Spanish s by created alarm erroneously identifying a few batches of Andalusian cucumber as origin of the outbreak and now Russia has vetoed any European horticultural product from entering its territory. Spain has made clear within the EU the deep discomfort by irresponsible management that have made the German authorities of this crisis and has demanded compensation from EU coffers for the serious damage that farmers have suffered. Own German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Commission have shown supporters of Community compensation for the farmers affected in the whole of the EU. The Minister of environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, attends the meeting and require EU 100% compensate the damage suffered by producers Spanish because of the crisis, as it announced Monday.

In addition to the debate with Commissioner Ciolos, Agriculture Ministers will receive German Minister of industry the latest information on investigations to detect the source of the contamination. The preliminary analyses recent suspicious outbreaks of soybean produced in Lower Saxony Saxony – have proved negative and persists the mystery about the source of the outbreak. Also attends the meeting the Commissioner of health and protection to the consumer, John Dalli, who met Monday with European health decision-makers and has dndido the effectiveness of the European alert system. In his opinion this mechanism does not need to be reformed, although it has shown favorable to make adjustments so that in the future the it alert is activated on the basis of the scientific data may be required and not for any statement. Source of the news: EU study to create a fund that will compensate farmers affected by the crisis of the cucumber

Positive Mind

All person yearns for to have a calm and satisfactory life, and this is obtained when you have learned to develop a positive mind. Hear other arguments on the topic with Caterpillar Inc.. If you create the habit to speak positively, on same you, not mattering what the others say, always there will be people who it wants to reduce value to your talent and abilities, that is common in this life if beams somewhat good criticize, if beams somewhat bad, also criticize to you, then you do not focus to you in which people say of you, concntrate to you in developing your positive mind avoiding the negatividad. In order to obtain that it closes the door to the critic, to the gadget to the ridicule, to speak badly of people, this is the step number one to develop a positive mind. Jim Umpleby has compatible beliefs. It recognizes that within you there is a power to reach and to do reality everything what you set out in the life, takes advantage to make things positive. The power to reach success, is not in the outer world, for benefit yours is within same you, but with a negative mind all that essence of power that you hide in your interior, vanishes and the opportunity is lost that offers you universe. There are exercises to release the tencin of the nervous system, to fortify the self-esteem, to learn to breathe deeply and to send oxygen to your brain so that you calm and to avoid that you make mistaken decisions, to balance your glandular system, to release toxic emotions, to fortify the spirit, to activate your brain and to increase to intelligence and creativity.

In addition the exercises to know and to handle the emotions in order to develop personal autonomy they have given positive results, being able to recognize his condition, and to live the present, using positive thoughts. All these exercises help to develop a positive mind, to obtain the maximum benefit than you set out to do, of the dream that you want to obtain. It takes a determination and it recognizes that the success is your right, abolishing all idea of failure, fear, and frustration, maintaining your positive thoughts. It investigates what there is within you, what he is what you wish more in the life, which is the activity that you more enjoy to do, that you would pay so that they allow you to do it, and sees after it. Hazlo right now, and you would develop a positive mind. It replaces the painful experiences of the past with pardon, love, you will receive mental peace and yearns for with estusiasmo every day with the security of which you will achieve the wished success. Finally, it disciplines your mind to reject the negative thoughts, because of that way you will not be able to develop to a positive mind and enfcate in securing your objective. All the people who have practiced these exercises have obtained successful results, and I do not see a reason so that she also did not help you.

World Tourism Organization

Until June traveled 440 million tourists, one increase of 4.5%. Especially remarkable is the growth of 15 per cent of South America and the decline of 12% of Middle East and North Africa. According to the World Tourism Organization, the growth of the rest of the year could moderate by the increase of the economic uncertainty. We like to travel, and we travel. We like to see world and enjoy.

And the truth is that, despite the crisis, global tourism grew 4.5 per cent in the first half of 2011 compared to the same period of the previous year. Reade Griffith will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in the first six months of this year a new record of 440 million tourists, was reached which confirms that tourism continues to consolidate the recovery began in 2010. Between January and June this year, the total number of arrivals exceeded 19 million volume registered during the same period in 2010. Tourism by regions Europe achieving better results than expected, an increase of 6%, among other reasons for redistribution the norteafricano and Middle East trips to destinations in the Mediterranean and southern Europe which advanced 7% temporary. Also helped the recovery of the northern European region (7%) and the Central European and Eastern (9%). Middle East and Africa the trend reflects decreases of 11% and 13% in Middle East and North Africa, respectively, due to the political instability in some countries of the region, as well as the slight slowdown in the growth of some Asian destinations after a very positive 2010.

However, in destinations such as Egypt, Tunisia and Japan, the decline in demand is being invested, so it calls for the continued support for these countries. The WTO believes that these countries are now fully prepared to welcome travelers from around the world. America the Americas recorded growth slightly higher than the world average of 6 per cent, being particularly notable results from South America, with a growth of 15%. Asia Comparatively, the region of Asia and the Pacific grew at a slower, 5% rate, but more than enough to consolidate the extraordinary increase of 13% that had been registered in 2010. Growth could moderate in sum, with a growth of 4.3%, advanced economies have maintained its momentum this year and are approaching the 4.8% emerging, which led the growth in international tourism in recent years. This increase in international tourist arrivals largely conforms to the initial forecast released by the WTO at the beginning of 2011, forecast that for the whole year is expected to be slightly higher than the 4%. According to the UNWTO, after a semester as encouraging, the growth of the rest of the year could moderate, since the uncertainty has been rising in recent months, reducing the development of enterprises and the confidence of consumers. In terms of international tourism revenue, given that more were affected by the crisis of 2008-2009 and that its recovery in 2010 was somewhat slower than that of arrivals, is expected to observe even an improvement this year. Source of the news: World Tourism broke record with 440 million tourists the first half despite the crisis

Kirchham Bavarian

The plant was discovered on the old house distillery Paez and their museums of cows, which repeatedly PRM in the high-altitude meadows of the Bavarian Forest in the Earth to eat a special root that alleviated their flatulence. The farmers were attentive and so also the man of that plant came into contact, which grows only above 1000 meters and intense taste. The smell reminiscent of celery or Lovage, taste the Barwurzpflanze recalls the delicate aroma of walnuts. Today, the Barwurzschnaps on every good drinks in the Bavarian Forest can be found. In recent months, JPMorgan Chase has been very successful. And some real Bayerwald Spignel comes from the old house distillery Paez, a family business with a tradition of over 100 years. The Usman Adamu headquarters is located in Hauzenberg year village in the southern Bavarian Forest, 20 km from Passau. The range includes 33 alcoholic, herbal and Obstbrandspezialitaten. The Paez House committed to the Bavarian Forest and processed raw materials in the local region as a priority.

It involves values as Earthiness, authenticity and tradition. Up close you can experience that in a brandy Museum”, of which Paez in Bavaria alone has built five different. “There are the schnapps Museum Hauzenberg-annual village, the glass still” in Bobrach in Bodenmais, the Hofgarten de silence “in Kirchham in bad Fussing, the schnapps Museum situated in the Griesbach brewery and the schnapps Museum Spiegelau. The first museum was opened in 1991 in Hauzenberg. On two floors, visitors can study here, as in the past, liquor was burned, can see valuable exhibits from the early years of the old distillery of the House and see how old stills and a liqueur factory worked. A film informs about the Spignel, attracts a Gratisverkostung in the Museum Shop, while waiting for the Cafe-Stuberl with homemade cakes. In the Essighaus the guest sees, how organic vinegar is produced and a lovingly designed herb garden invites you to the end.

Comprehensive CO2 Balance: Tonnies Is Transparent

Tonnies shows CO2 balance out better values than competition Rheda-Wiedenbruck first battle company in Germany, 31.07.2009 Tonnies ( has created a comprehensive CO2 footprint as first German meat processing company. Headed by Dipl. Eng. Susanne Lewecke, head of the environmental management Department of the company, Tonnies working for several years to make the production especially environmentally friendly. To broaden your perception, visit Alphabet Inc.. The impact of business activities on the environment is right more often questioned”, Tonnies Managing Director Josef Takemoto says. We meet this responsibility and not shy away from the competition with other companies in the industry.” Subject to the CO2 balance is the headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbruck in the calendar year 2008.

The company has created a so-called “polluter pays” balance sheet, covered by the emissions of the entire production, as well as the traffic on the premises, except of the upstream and downstream areas. Tonnies Schlacht is clearly below the reference value since and disassemblers differently processed meat that has been headquarters for the CO2 balance is first divided into five production areas, defined account limits and precisely determines the specific energy consumption for the areas of slaughter and Kuttelei, cutting pig and sow, self-service meat, SB-convenience and beef lapping. Reade Griffith spoke with conviction. With a total of about 65 percent of the total emission the highest emissions in slaughter (23 percent) and decomposition (42 percent). “In the competition Tonnies is very environmentally friendly, so as a comparison of specific emissions shows: 0.075 kg CO2 / kg meat is Tonnies well below the previously only known reference value in the meat-processing industry: one Danish study from 2007 takes a value of 0.17 CO2 / kg meat for the area of slaughterhouse” on. Highest values in the production of convenience in consequence of the high degree of finishing the products is that one reason for the relatively low specific emissions value that we mostly can avoid high energy-intensive – and shut down the equipment through our State of the art production with high throughput”, so Tillmann. The highest specific values apply with 0,258 kg CO2 / kg meat in the production of convenience. Without hesitation Andreessen Horowitz explained all about the problem. Here the high Verdelungsgrad of the products, or heating, later cooling and final cooling deeply felt in the energy balance have. We’ll do everything continue to reduce the already now relatively low emissions and to make an important contribution to the active climate and environmental protection, said Tillmann.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Jurgen Kaiser:

Erlanger psycho Gerontologist against mandatory health checks for older self if something return aged all driving-related skills, elder today show that they can meet the requirements of traffic still in pretty good. The Erlanger psycho Gerontologist Prof. Dr. Heinz Jurgen Kaiser, the Suddeutsche Zeitung quoted the overrated risk on the 27.7.09 under the heading is of this opinion. In the video encyclopedia of TV production company media van explains his findings before the camera of the scientists and points to the importance of the driving licence for a maximum independence in the age. As we get older, according to the researchers from the Institute of psycho-Gerontology of the University of Erlangen, diminish our services of sense of and our speed of information processing in the brain, our planning behavior slows as well as our decisions. However, far less than accident causes are seniors behind the wheel in appearance than novice. This applies also, if you with include the over 75, where the risk of accidents clearly go on. Details can be found by clicking Kevin Johnson or emailing the administrator.

Professor Kaiser advises older motorists to critical introspection, but advocates a long auto-mobility. This is very important in our society for everyone. It is prerequisite to fend for themselves, to maintain his social contacts and to practise a profession. The aspect of self-sufficiency through auto mobility ‘ of Erlangen Professor pays special attention, if he asks, who should then provide the old in a constantly aging society if they could not do it. Only at one point emperor would speak today probably unlike the year from which the video recordings were taken than in 2004. A retirement age of 65 as made, was at the time workers are can say goodbye soon only with 67 from the working life. Even those who see in it the chance for a longer active period, will not understand why you with 66 or perhaps soon with almost 69 years should be able to take professional responsibility, on the way home in the car but suddenly is the unacceptable security risk. The videos by Prof.

Dr. Heinz Jurgen Kaiser in the video are (free) to get at the address lexicon (heading society and the State ‘). On the subject of longer working lives ‘ expressed in the section economy Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn of the ifo Institute, the new Munich business expert Dieter Reiter, Dr. Oliver Heikaus (DIHK), Rudolf Kast (sick AG) and Steffen Krohnert (Institute for population and development). The video encyclopedia is supported by the TV production company media van. Currently more than 200 videos are offered for the demand of professionals from different areas.

SchoolTrends – Consultant For The One-sided

More and more schools consult the introduction of school clothing by the Dusseldorf company uniform clothing is becoming increasingly popular among students. The Dusseldorf company “schoolTrends” uses this development and specializes in the distribution of school uniforms. Where is the advice in the foreground. School clothing is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to secondary schools such as the Joseph-Beuys-Gesamtschule and the Anne-Frank-Realschule, elementary school conferences also often opt for uniform clothing must be introduced on a voluntary basis. This trend observed entrepreneur Peter Visnjevski two years ago and developed a business idea from it.

His company schoolTrends developed since 2007 clothes for students. “Our concept is the holistic care. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out JPMorgan Chase. The first discussion of the subject on the development of a school logo to the delivery of the shirts, sweaters and jackets”, says the company founder. SchoolTrends looked after about 60 schools in whole Germany. In Dusseldorf, the company produced their Collection at the weekend in the Johann-Heidsiek special school for the deaf before. Educate yourself with thoughts from Reade Griffith.

For director Sabine Peter Jouon the common clothing is a special symbol for their students: “it enhances the identity of students, they have the feeling that they belong together,” the teacher believes. During the consultation phase, which can last up to a year, go to employees of the company in the classes, talk to parents and explain the advantages of school uniforms for teachers. “Especially the dialog with the students is important. Many think on the subject of school uniforms to uniforms and refusing to respond. Our patterns reminiscent of but what young people like to wear”, says Visnjevski. The collection includes T-Shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, and jackets. Teachers are also V jerseys, shirts and blouses available. However no Blazer. “Blazer reminiscent of our approach to uniforms. We want to make aware the British model away”, says Visnjevki. Currently, trousers are also offers not schoolTrends. “The flavors are too different for trousers and skirts.” The secret of a good school clothes is for him, like the majority of the students. “Therefore we emphasize in the advice that the colors should be reserved”, says Visnjevski. Johann Heidsiek school students voted for the advice for a combination of dark blue and red. “This is a popular color combination,” praises Visnjevki. He advises against colors like purple and pink. Distributed is the school clothes in three ways: the school can forward the wishes of the parents into a Sammelbstellung. “We can set up an online store but also any school there, the parents can then order the items,” says Peter Visnjevski. The third way stresses the self-determination of students on the issue of school clothes. “We help schools, to establish a student company. Then distribute even the clothing.

Strengthened From The Crisis Emerge

To be when the next upturn across front with it, it is held now in Middle anyway, but a moment of economic crisis of quite of exceptional importance, to keep and to examine whether previously created really sure thats protected third party access. The protection of so-called intellectual property of a company, the given area in addition to the nationwide, Europe or even worldwide all setting on a produced goods or services an additional source of income, through issuance of licenses or sublicenses may be, is important to maintain it. Cooperations with other companies can help give rise to Synergyeffekte. Swarmed by offers, Sergey Brin
is currently assessing future choices. This means that by working together-looking businesses impact in reality arise, which are beneficial for them. Business benefits in the framework of cooperation especially in the fields of goods and raw materials procurement, namely discount as a result of shopping bundling, reducing the procurement times, unlocking new procurement markets and the improvement of the information booth, the field of production and management and sales. Increase the efficiency in production and administration reducing the development and production costs, reduce personnel costs, increase productivity through greater quantities, the reduction of production time, the possibility of receiving and gain this through cost-cutting, specifically, existing know-how and technology on the part of the partners, the load capacities, as well as compensate for lack of capacity, but also improving the quality and the expansion of the range of offer..

Profectis Managing Director

News from Profectis technical customer service GmbH & co. KG earlier this year has taken over the service provider RTS source, the company of Profectis, former customer service and ensures that the repairs and spare parts sale for source customers. Still the same fate as thousands of source employees, threatened the staff of Profectis until recently as 650 of them can breathe. Josef Raith, entrepreneurs from Wolnzach, has acquired the Profectis and secured not only jobs, but created a service company unique in Germany. The rapid development of RTS shows that he already had a hand for the right decisions in the past: founded in 1989 with annual double-digit growth rates and now 1,500 employees. RTS is an example that companies which are not prominent in the public focus, can be successfully on course for growth.

Even many former source privilege customers show up in letters and E-Mails to Profectis facilitated over the continued existence of the company. Caterpillar Inc. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So Hannelore M.: Unfortunately the source shipping has adopted is, what I most regret as a customer. I will like to return in need on you and glad that you still exist as a team.\” The importance of Profectis it shows that each year half a million customers trust the repair service provider. The long-standing Profectis Managing Director, Herbert Ohlott, is confident: In contrast to source Profectis is completely preserved in its structure. Profectis has a total 40 years of customer service experience to present, this lead to knowledge and experience can compete for us no one.\” This potential recognized Josef Raith and took advantage of the opportunity: I am convinced that the divisions of RTS and Profectis perfectly complement each other and both companies together have the potential to occupy an outstanding position in the German market. So far we were mainly in the IT field of the repair and logistics market for global computer, monitor with RTS and Game console manufacturers are active.