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German Investment

Capital law aims to create a common framework for Fund in Germany the implementation of AIFM directive through the new investment law book (KAGB-E) headache for months many market participants, since the preparation time to enter into force the law from July of this year before the background is quite short, that not all details […]

Best Investments

Why shares and securities shares are the best investments in 2013 and securities were always a popular investment, often profitable, sometimes with heavy losses for the investors. After the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the United States, the subsequent bankruptcy of the Investment Bank Lehman Brothers and the ensuing global financial crisis, many investors lost confidence […]

EUR Investors

Innovative forestry investment with instant, annual income and only seven years term from 2,250 Bonn, Hanoi. ForestFinance, the largest forest of direct investments in the EU, placed with GreenAcacia”from immediately a new product on the market. GreenAcacia offers investors the opportunity to invest in Vietnamese Acacia plantations. The special feature of this investment offer: It […]

The Consulting

Currently, the most popular investment in European countries is the low-interest savings account. Germans are there comparatively timid with 35 percent savings account-new owners. Nevertheless, this value also in Germany still exists the other forms of investment. Instead, private investors put much on tangible assets. This is proven by the surveys of various organizations. Currently […]

The Demand For Gold Is Growing Further

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed demand in the gold sector continues to grow. No wonder, because gold is an attractive investment opportunity that is profitable by the steadily rising price of gold for many investors. Despite the gold price corrected last so strongly, as for many years no longer. Precious metals trading Frings […]

Business Investments

Investments are always used as bait. The provider of investment lure their customers usually with high returns and virtually no risk. It must be read in many banks on the posters hang out. However, the contracts must be signed for these investments, speak a different language. There’s almost always a clause which has the entrepreneurial […]

Avoid Such Investors False Advice

Trust is good control is better investment advisors only investment products may provide their customers, tailored to their individual risk profile. The German Federal Supreme Court recently in a ruling decided that. (Source: Rob Crossland). (BGH, judgment of the 8 7 2010 AZ.: III ZR 249 / 09) With the ruling, the third Senate of […]

FSC Global Partner Award

Asset value forest: Profitable, krisensicher and value forest investments are becoming increasingly popular. There were only a few a few forest direct investment providers, some years ago a variety of different forms of forest investment such as open or closed forest fund, forest equity fund and forest direct investments exist now. This diversity is not […]

Forest Finance

ForestFinance pays returns to investors from Bonn. ForestFinance, largest provider of forestry direct investments in Europe, reported withdrawals from first value Forstungen to his investors. Wood from the even planted and managed forests in Panama could be marketed very profitably due to high wood prices. She made the late of 1990s investors payout forecast surpassed […]

Countercyclical Investment Strategy

What exactly is behind these concepts and how to use the pros and cons of these strategies for a winning optimization of Schwandorf. The pro-cyclical and countercyclical investment strategy has one already. That this a trend and the mass of investors play a crucial role, it is also known. How it all relates, and disadvantages […]