State Biotech

Competition for capital increases biotech investments have proved only around 50 per cent in the past profitable. Anyway, this is the result of a study of that examined the 1,606 biotech investments from the years 1986 until 2008. The Exchange Portal reported about the difficulties facing the biotech industry. For investors, there are plenty of investment opportunities, which are less risky than investments in the biotech industry. Although the industry 2009 could collect more capital from investors than in the previous year. Nevertheless, the total is still below the numbers from the time before the economic crisis. In addition to the overall declining investor funds, particularly new biotech centers in Southeast Asia trouble the industry. These are often promoted on a large scale State- and massive compete with local companies.

Is the industry in the fight for scarce capital to remain successful, in particular partnerships could promise success. Dr. Martin Schloh, partners in the healthcare and Pharma at PricewaterhouseCoopers, is assuming that is through sensible cooperation development times and costs significantly lower left. As a result, the sector for investors could be more attractive. For example, a closer cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry would be conceivable. Here, too, long development times and costs are a big problem. Already a relatively small reduction in development time could cause massive savings.