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Listed real estate bergen 2011 significant Steuersparpotenziale according to the Immovaria GmbH in Nuremberg by their customers the Immovaria GmbH is estimated now Monument protected buildings for years as a reliable partner in the field of mediation and rehabilitation. The tax savings that promises the investment in architectural monuments, make the services of the Immovaria GmbH 2010 a worthwhile option for buyers. A recent study proves it: nine out of ten millionaires have earned their wealth with real estate. But what was in the past, is today all the more: so the commercial with residential and office space remains one of the most lucrative industries for investors – also in 2010 and this is despite the depreciation in new buildings and of the 2006 disappearance of the home owner. Of particular interest, especially monuments and real estate located in officially designated rehabilitation areas, remain for investors in these areas remain promising Steuersparpotenziale exist? A for many years experienced specialist in this sector is the Immovaria GmbH from Nuremberg due to extensive renovation in Leipzig this company has made Germany a name. In recent years the Immovaria GmbH has acquired numerous individual objects and apartment buildings in Leipzig, repaired by partner companies professionally and successfully offered for sale in the real estate market.

See the current reference objects that illustrate the benefits of Immovaria GmbH, for example, the Leipzig district Mockern and luxurious estate on the Clara-Zetkin-Park. For investors, the offers of Immovaria GmbH remain highly interesting in the coming years. The business model of Immovaria GmbH offers especially individuals who have become skeptical towards monetary systems and instead put to real use values, still attractive opportunities, to come up with the investment in real estate and the utilisation of tax savings potential to build a fortune. The legal basis of which is the The income tax Act (ITA), which provides for so-called “enhanced deductions” monuments and buildings in redevelopment areas under article 7 is the Immovaria GmbH, chances of tax savings for the purchase of objects. Using this legal means the subsequent manufacturing costs to 100% can be in the year of acquisition, as well as in the following eleven years tax claim. Because in the acquisition of real estate in the new Lander these costs usually amounting to about 80% of the purchase price, it is obvious what chances the Immovaria GmbH opened their customers by investing in monuments. The exclusive investment properties of Immovaria GmbH represent one of the currently most interesting alternatives for investors, that means no short-term speculative gains, but with an investment mainly long-term objectives.