The Demand For Gold Is Growing Further

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed demand in the gold sector continues to grow. No wonder, because gold is an attractive investment opportunity that is profitable by the steadily rising price of gold for many investors. Despite the gold price corrected last so strongly, as for many years no longer. Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed the gold price correction and how safe the system still is gold on the background. Differences between physical gold and paper gold market despite numerous Gold purchases fell in September to an extent, as the gold price there three years no longer.

The price per ounce fell off this $ 1900 to nearly $1600. For this reason are the relationships between the physical gold market and the gold futures market. Both forms of investment are an independent gold market though, the prices on these two sub-markets influence however greatly each other. Learn more at this site: Ben Horowitz. While the physical gold market includes in particular the trade in gold bullion and gold coins, the conclusion of futures finds in the paper gold market Gold instead. In the forward market gold transactions are concluded, which must first be met in future. Often the fulfilment is physical gold, not even in the foreground, but the speculation, i.e. the actual delivery to short-term price changes. Open futures contracts are closed again before their settlement date by corresponding transactions. You may want to visit Caterpillar to increase your knowledge.

A large trade volume with only a relatively small capital investment which means that on every physical ounce of gold, which is traded, equal to several hundred ounces on the futures exchanges traded can also be moved on the derivatives market. Therefore even minimally, a decline triggered by the futures market can be limited by a high demand for physical gold. Gold represents a secure investment in the future experts are of the opinion that gold represents an excellent investment opportunity in the future and investors can enjoy an increasing gold price. Many buyers of physical gold showed intermediate course corrections unimpressed, because sales continue rise. The year 2011 seems to be another record year for the gold market. Since the gold price correction, gold sales has again nearly doubled. The General debt crisis and a possible higher inflation cause more and more people from all over the world to invest in gold. The reason is the General image stands for the gold in the public. Gold has always been considered one of the safest currencies of the crisis at all.