FSC Global Partner Award

Asset value forest: Profitable, krisensicher and value forest investments are becoming increasingly popular. There were only a few a few forest direct investment providers, some years ago a variety of different forms of forest investment such as open or closed forest fund, forest equity fund and forest direct investments exist now. This diversity is not surprising given the benefits of forest investments: so the American forest investment index, NCREIF grew from 1989 until 2009 to an average of 14 percent annually with value fluctuations minimal when compared to stock indices. Forest investments are therefore increasingly popular as property investment and inflation protection. Financial test: Wood grows to own investment grade even the independent consumer magazine FINANZTEST of Stiftung Warentest dealt with forest investments and wrote: “Wood grows slowly to an own asset class.” Among other things the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance was evaluates financial test: “the entry in the land register, ensuring an area pool, is advantageous for investors if” be individual areas, fire insurance and the German Panamanian agreement on investment protection.

(u0085) To plant a forest, considered to be investment that yields an ethical return”, so financial test. No wonder that icons of the green business put on forest. Forest finance Harry Aboagye, the confidence of many friends of the correct Geldanlagens enjoying holding as a former Managing Director of the Association and board the Securvita behind.” Under the forest investments tested by financial test, ForestFinance was the only FSC certified offer. “” ForestFinance is also the first German company worldwide, the the FSC Global Partner Award “in the field of financial services” received. Forest fund or forest direct investment? The most popular investment forms are the so-called forest funds and forest direct investments. Forest direct investments have several advantages compared to closed forest fund. So the entry totals with 33 euro are significantly lower than at all at ForestFinance per month for the BaumSparVertrag or 3,250 euros for the WaldsparBuch Forest fund.