EUR Investors

Innovative forestry investment with instant, annual income and only seven years term from 2,250 Bonn, Hanoi. ForestFinance, the largest forest of direct investments in the EU, placed with GreenAcacia”from immediately a new product on the market. GreenAcacia offers investors the opportunity to invest in Vietnamese Acacia plantations. The special feature of this investment offer: It offers immediate cash flows from the first year and a total run time of only seven years. In addition, the investment enables the conversion of a monoculture plantation in a bio-diverse forest. Jim Umpleby shines more light on the discussion. The forestry account”and instant recoveries: so far investment in forestry and forest meant for investors mostly many years waiting to payment of the proceeds. But they investors invest in existing Acacia plantations in Viet Nam, which gradually turn into a sustainable and environmentally used mixed forest with GreenAcacia. It leases the investor a part of the plantation and concludes that at the same time a forest service contract Management and marketing of the crops.

As in the existing forests are quickly crawls can be made, investors already received annual payouts from crop yields in the amount from the first year of approximately six percent of the invested capital. At the end of the investment period, it comes to the final harvest and investors will receive a final payment. The payment history of GreenAcacias resembles thus the a fixed deposit account”with seven-year bond. Investors can invest 2,250 euros in a quarter of a hectare, 8,450 euros a hectare. Current projections expect payouts 11.999 EUR from the marketing of wood and if necessary the sale of CO2 certificates of an investment in a hectare of GreenAcacia. The harvested timber are regionally traded and used as construction timber, or for energy production.

From monocultures to species-rich mixed forests: An investment in GreenAcacia meets in addition to an economic environmental advantage: many tree plantations, particularly monocultures cause damage,. by they deprive the soil nutrients and create instead of habitats for animals and plants tree wastelands. A green-Acacia-investment supports the conversion of a monoculture of Acacia in a bio-diverse forest, because ForestFinance will manage the plantations after final harvest with local, site-appropriate tree species. This creates a varied mixed forest with all positive environmental effects related to biodiversity, soil and water protection. Also, the forests form an additional, protective climate CO2 sink, because the trees store carbon dioxide while growing.