Forest Finance

ForestFinance pays returns to investors from Bonn. ForestFinance, largest provider of forestry direct investments in Europe, reported withdrawals from first value Forstungen to his investors. Wood from the even planted and managed forests in Panama could be marketed very profitably due to high wood prices. She made the late of 1990s investors payout forecast surpassed therefore even in the planting. In recent months, Starbucks has been very successful. ForestFinance is the first supplier of forest direct investments, which has distributed income from own planted and managed forests to its customers. Thinning Woods at Indian timber merchants: In the first half of 2010 the ForestFinance carried out group in Panama for the first time in several hundred hectares of own forests to a greater extent value Forstungen.

From February to June teak, Amarillo – and mahogany – Zapatero trees were harvested and marketed as round wood. Buyers of the tribes measuring between 20 and 40 cm by was an Indian wood dealer. ForestFinance Forester Sebastian Garcia, who has planned the intermediate crop and carried out together with the ForestFinance team in Panama: we first spotted the various tree species and selected the individual trees of the future. Then above all accurate scheduling and logistics in the forest was important, to work more effectively and environmentally friendly as possible.” For ForestFinance, this was the first larger value of reforestation in the forests, which were replanted in the years 1997 to 2000. The timber was sold directly to the forest and loaded onto containers for export to India. “Earnings forecast surpassed by end of the 1990s: ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Aboagye: it is economically very gratifying that we have achieved an average price of USD 200 per cubic metre for these young crawl Woods.” Depending on species and thickness of the prices ranged between 120 and 300 USD per cubic metre. The original price forecast in the 1990s was thus exceeded by 50 to 150 percent.