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Active Social Conflicts

There are more than 230 social conflicts active or latent in Peru, most in poor rural areas who have been marginalized in the enormous economic growth enjoyed by the country from a decade ago thanks largely to exports of minerals, whose prices have skyrocketed to the appetite of China. More than half of these conflicts […]

Consumer Templates

CONSUMER.ES academic training is the most relevant in these cases, but also the University or Studies Center. Experts recommend a functional CV: where highlighting skills, capabilities and skills. It should also be noted differentiating elements as lack of family ties or availability to work unusual hours. Cover letters, keys to send the CV. Ten keys […]


The author of the massacre stated that its objective was to punish social democracy by betraying the Norwegian people have fostered the massive importation of Muslims. Ben Horowitz: the source for more info. Behring explained his action seeking limit future possibilities of the Labor Party (PA) Norwegian access to, as well as sending a strong […]

British Bill Gaytten

John Galliano was fired this spring and is subject to trial by alleged racist and anti-Semitic insults. Gaytten went to work at John Galliano for twenty-three years. It is the new creative director and who goes out to greet in the parades of the signature. The British Bill Gaytten has been appointed new creative director […]

“We Do What You Want”

In the past five years, the citizens of Alicante contemplate stupefied how scandals will happen in his province. The Brugal case, which began as a rematch between entrepreneurs by granting some garbage contracts, has become a summary with more than 30,000 pages. The lifting of this gag, on 3 June, confirms splashes developers Realty, politicians […]