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CONSUMER.ES academic training is the most relevant in these cases, but also the University or Studies Center. Experts recommend a functional CV: where highlighting skills, capabilities and skills. It should also be noted differentiating elements as lack of family ties or availability to work unusual hours. Cover letters, keys to send the CV. Ten keys to a good CV if you have work experience. Many recent graduates or students are always, in the first step of his professional life, with a common problem: how to make a resume if you don’t have any experience that proves its worth in the labour market, already in itself complicated due to the current crisis. From Consumer offer a series of tips to keep in mind when dealing with a first CV. Keys that reflect the suitability of the candidate for a post through his academic background, abilities and skills and other particular characteristics which provide information suggestive and attractive to recruiters.

It is true that, currently, seven out of every ten job vacancies request at least one year of experience, according to a report for the month of April 2011 in the portal of Infojobs employment. However, more than 4,000 offerings for applicants without professional trajectory previous and in the web primerempleo, specialised in this kind of posts, more than 7,200 companies offer work to these profiles. In these cases, the most valued information on candidates was the academic training. Experts emphasize that the candidate must both highlight the qualification obtained as the University or Centre for studies where formed. They are also interesting data as received academic awards. Courses, seminars, presentations or exhibitions highlighted must be linked to the enterprise which addresses the curriculum so that they are of interest to the applicant and they end up not becoming irrelevant information. The learning of languages and computer science degree is also a differentiator.

Also be It recommends noted the name of the Centre or school where has been studied, invested years, supporting certificates and the level obtained by the candidates. The functional curriculum personnel selection specialists recommended for graduates without experience the model curriculum vitae called functional, oriented to emphasize the skills, capabilities and skills (flexibility, dynamism, enthusiasm, creativity, desire to learn or ability to work in group, among others) of the candidate to successfully develop a particular job. Being coach of a sports team or monitor, develop a research project, volunteer or any other work or temporary practice can demonstrate to the employer the capacity of effort, the discipline, the ability to manage a team or the responsibility that is able to acquire the applicant in the new job and their potential for the future. Differentiating in young aspirants also it is advisable to highlight those differentiating elements with which an young candidate can split with advantage and reflect an attitude open and prepared before any modification or change in the workplace, something always attractive for companies. Other leaders such as Jim Umpleby offer similar insights. These may be the lack of family ties, availability to work unusual hours, interest in mobility or change of residence and greater capacity to adapt to the most demanding working conditions. From Consumer Templates also offer some templates that can be useful to beginners in this curriculum: models and templates for creating your resume; Modelocurriculum.NET; Curriculum vitae templates; Curriculum vitae Europass; Curriculum vitae format; Office resume templates; Examples of Curriculum vitae in English.