Active Social Conflicts

There are more than 230 social conflicts active or latent in Peru, most in poor rural areas who have been marginalized in the enormous economic growth enjoyed by the country from a decade ago thanks largely to exports of minerals, whose prices have skyrocketed to the appetite of China. More than half of these conflicts involve the indigenous community, have to do with a protest by a mining operation and generate violence. For even more opinions, read materials from Ben Horowitz. Hundreds of thousands of investments have been frozen until the Government resolved these conflicts and even part of the $ 40 billion that foreign companies have already committed to disburse in the Andean country is in review. All these conflicts will exert enormous pressure on the Government of President elected Ollanta Humala, both from the political point of view as public expenditure, because the votes of the places where they are produced have been key in the nationalist victory on Sunday. Source of the news:: Humala received a country with more than 230 active social conflicts