European Commission

Sources community recognize that it is in any case of amounts well below its stated losses for the European fruit and vegetable sector and therefore supported the need to explore other alternatives. Only in Spain, the sector has calculated its losses in 200 million euros per week, while other countries such as France, Netherlands and Belgium have seen their sales fall between 50% and 90% since the crisis began. Settings for alerts the markets of Germany and other EU countries were closed in a principle to fruit and vegetables Spanish s by created alarm erroneously identifying a few batches of Andalusian cucumber as origin of the outbreak and now Russia has vetoed any European horticultural product from entering its territory. Spain has made clear within the EU the deep discomfort by irresponsible management that have made the German authorities of this crisis and has demanded compensation from EU coffers for the serious damage that farmers have suffered. Own German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Commission have shown supporters of Community compensation for the farmers affected in the whole of the EU. The Minister of environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, attends the meeting and require EU 100% compensate the damage suffered by producers Spanish because of the crisis, as it announced Monday.

In addition to the debate with Commissioner Ciolos, Agriculture Ministers will receive German Minister of industry the latest information on investigations to detect the source of the contamination. The preliminary analyses recent suspicious outbreaks of soybean produced in Lower Saxony Saxony – have proved negative and persists the mystery about the source of the outbreak. Also attends the meeting the Commissioner of health and protection to the consumer, John Dalli, who met Monday with European health decision-makers and has dndido the effectiveness of the European alert system. In his opinion this mechanism does not need to be reformed, although it has shown favorable to make adjustments so that in the future the it alert is activated on the basis of the scientific data may be required and not for any statement. Source of the news: EU study to create a fund that will compensate farmers affected by the crisis of the cucumber