“We Do What You Want”

In the past five years, the citizens of Alicante contemplate stupefied how scandals will happen in his province. The Brugal case, which began as a rematch between entrepreneurs by granting some garbage contracts, has become a summary with more than 30,000 pages. The lifting of this gag, on 3 June, confirms splashes developers Realty, politicians and businessmen who have spent years in the business of waste. The judges have charged to 26 people, and the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s Office of Alicante has accused 80 others. Most of the defendants are public officials of the PP, but neither Mariano Rajoy, President of the popular, or Francisco Camps, President of the Generalitat valenciana, have opened his mouth about this scandal. On the contrary, two principals involved, Sonia Castedo and Luis Diaz Alperi, Mayor and senior, respectively, of Alicante, took possession of their seats in the Galician Parliament last Thursday. Are now graduated, and their future passes by the upper court of Justice of the community Valencian. A third defendant, the still President of the Diputacion provincial de Alicante, Jose Joaquin Ripoll, has many possibilities to continue in Office. Source of the news:: “Do what you want”