Telescopic Handlers

Since 1986 MANITOU develops, manufactures and sells telescopic handlers, which meet the needs of the customer, whether crop or livestock production. Almost all counterbalanced forklifts c Telehandlers (Telescopic trucks) also belong to all-terrain vehicles because they operate mostly at construction sites (especially in low-rise construction) in ports and agriculture, ie, where there is no good roads. This forklift c heights up to 22 m is located at the back (at the center or a few side) of the machine. Depending on the design model may have monoblock or articulated frame, the drive into two or four wheels and move in the transverse direction. MANITOU MT series replaces the bucket loader, bulldozer, crane, hoist, derrick, since has a large selection of interchangeable attachments.

MT is equipped with loader stabilizers, leveling system, the majority of the MT series have a drive to all four wheels. During the construction of residential houses, Telehandler Manitou allows, for example, to collect all roof on the ground and put it in the final as at home. This reduces the risk associated with work at high altitude and increase employee productivity. Construction Equipment. On materials CVH Material Handling