Buenos Aires

If you are a corporate account, you can upload the logo of the company or product when copyrights are respected. If it is an account for your personal networking and Professional, please upload a photo of yourself, avoid the animals, symbols of the ying and the yang or anything artistic. The best thing is that your contacts know your face, at least through a little window of a few pixels. Try to be a three-quarter profile, smiling, and on a plain background picture. You don’t need to be a very large image. With 100/120 pixels in width and length is sufficient. Then you can change the display name. Attention that this is not the user name, is the name displayed on your profile, in the first line, leaving precisely where it says name. Next field: location. Not to be confused with Geo location. The idea is to cite the place in the world where you reside, or where their businesses are based, or where the company is. Then comes a crucial field: the web site, must be completed. We arrived in the crucial field of Bio. They are only 160 characters. Rehearse in a Word document, for example, that allows you to tell the characters in this case, with spaces. It is synthetic, but trying to give as much information upon the purpose of the account. Some examples of appropriate Bios: the most complete information on automation systems for industrial processes.. We design bespoke projects. (142 characters) Apartments and suites for rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rent by day, week or longer periods. We have what you need, throughout the year. (156 characters) We are specialists in human resources for the agro-industry. The most complete database with professionals and skilled labor. Consult us! (153 characters) And so, we can continue to infinity. More importantly, that the slightest doubt will not be for whoever reads it about what you do, and what you may want to communicate with you. Save your changes, and everything is ready. You can check how was, by clicking on its name, on the right sidebar. For next time, how to write a good tweet, what is micro blogging and how to achieve the maximum range of our interventions.