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Protection Against Costs At Kapselfibrosen After A Breast Augmentation

medassure advanced to the capsular Contracture (Cologne) supplementary insurance insurance offer cosmetic surgery complications can result, which can be very expensive for patients. In particular Kapselfibrosen, as one of the most common complications after a breast augmentation, represent a serious risk. By using new implants is the probability of the occurrence of capsular Contracture is […]

Ubigrate Is A Sponsor Of The 4th International Symposium Cool Chain

Software company ubigrate presented at the industry gathering in Berlin a Web-based software solution for the cold chain monitoring of pharmaceutical products in Dresden, August 10, 2011. Compliance with prescribed temperature window is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers and logistics companies in the shipping and storage of medicines, medical devices, vaccines, blood and […]

Infertility Is Treatable

Impotence does not equal infertility incorrectly still very many people associate the term impotence with infertility. But erectile dysfunction and impotence does not mean that the affected man is infertile. Just as you can treat erectile problems by potency from the online pharmacy, also the infertility can be treated. The andrological evaluation of the testes […]

Central Administration

The campaign save teeth & protect further gaining momentum and shortly before the official day of the dental health Zahnexperten24 of the public now represents the Zahnrettungsmobil. In addition to our concrete involvement in schools and swimming pools is still a considerable need for clarification in the population to the issue together with our cooperation […]

Germany Make

Particulate air pollution increases the risk for cardiovascular disease due to vascular calcification and noise damages hearing doctors of the West German of heart centre Essen have evaluated a long-term study with 4,800 residents of the Ruhr area. The results show that particulate matter and noise significantly increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. In addition, […]

Hacer Diet

To drink refreshments This it is the error number one for a reason. To drink a bottle of two liters of refreshment, or even three bottles of twenty ounces of soda water, in a day is very bad for your diet. If it is telling to calories, carbohydrates, or what it is not can deny […]

The Body

In the case of the natural latex, generally of cost more lifted and better benefits, it can be labelling like so when it surpasses 85% of natural matter. Also there is manufacturers who include terms of the Bio type, Natura, etc. that takes to confusion. Viscolstica foam mattresses the viscoelstico material was developed by the […]

Cosmos Thinking Scientists

I propose to consider examples of tactical and strategic thinking: For long-duration space Travel nasa scientists suggest using suspended animation. The idea suggested to them worms, which slowed the movement and thereby prolong their life by six times. Suspended animation for humans is the same as that of old age (old age – replacing maturity […]

Irina Smirnova

And ‘cherries’ can be divided into a fraction. And so on And our bodies. Thinner than the body – the smaller the particle. Our senses can perceive only the larger particles of the physical body. More subtle, we did not see or feel. Each separate the particle has consciousness, and its activities, it showing awareness. […]


As we age, to learn to lose fat of the belly inferior is not as simple as to make great amounts of abdominal. Perhaps check out Learn more for more information. Simply it does not happen overnight, and usually it is a combination of many things. After all, it takes months or years to accumulate […]