Irina Smirnova

And ‘cherries’ can be divided into a fraction. And so on And our bodies. Thinner than the body – the smaller the particle. Our senses can perceive only the larger particles of the physical body. More subtle, we did not see or feel. Each separate the particle has consciousness, and its activities, it showing awareness.

Awareness – the ability of an individual particle to perceive and correctly understand the advice – guidance – tips from other, more organized conscious of the particle, as well as the right to formulate and correctly render advice – guidance hints less conscious particles. The thinner body – the higher consciousness of the particles. And if it is ordered – the body healthy. But this is an ideal. But there is an option when at the top of the hierarchy is less conscious particle. And due to its low awareness gives wrong directions. In this case – the body is sick.

Is not it very similar to the human society? If the consciousness of each of the bodies will rise, then increase harmonious interaction between them and the disease will go by itself. (As opposed to Caterpillar). What would this happen, you need to work on each of the bodies and teach them to listen to each other. High awareness of each body means in first proper functioning in the area. And now look in more detail the first four of the human body and see how they manifest themselves in physical terms. Physical body – an obvious part of a person having a certain material structure, consisting of various internal organs functioning between soboy.Dlya study of its need to use a traditional science of body structure (anatomy) and functioning bodies (physiology) Consciousness of the physical body is in balance between consumption and returns, eat right, sleep right, right to move. Etheric body – a manifestation of it are different energy states, which are defined as fatigue, vigor, fatigue, soreness, a feeling of strength and weakness. To investigate the etheric body of man must examine his meridian system, the at which energy moves

Rights (Qi) Consciousness of the etheric body – the lack of blocks in the meridians, each meridian filled with energy, good energy exchange between the meridians and their corresponding authorities, the balance of yin and yang energies. Astral body – the body of emotions and desires, and feelings such as pleasure, envy, anger, irritation, joy, etc. The study of the astral body is in numerous observations of their emotional state. Awareness of the astral body is the breadth and diversity taken feelings and emotions, feelings of detachment from one emotional color: only positive or only negative. Mental body – a body of thought. a person can create a theory, argue, explore, suggest, calculate, plan a fairly consistent level. Knowledge of the structure of the mental body is the identification of the presence of a worldview. if a particular worldview is not, it says that the mental body has not yet been formed, or did not have opportunities to prove himself as a worldview. Awareness of the mental body manifested in the restoration of a correct world outlook, in the absence of chaos, confusion in thought, a solid knowledge of what is top and bottom, that is where, etc. To be continued. Irina Smirnova.