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Marketing Landcorp

Investments in land – is there a point? While real estate markets in many developed countries suffer downturn in their development, whether the investment in land a reasonable alternative? Robin Bowman (Robin Bowman) turned to Aylsham McPharlin (Ailse MacFarlane), the Director of Marketing Landcorp with several issues of interest to the beginner in this business […]

Internet Investment

Do times are tough, the economic situation is not as to wasting money on opportunities that do not work, an internet business is really profitable?, how much should I invest? is there a good return on investment?. they are constant concerns that have those people who want to start a business on the internet. For […]

Investment Analysis

The activities of any company, one way or another, associated with an investment of resources in different types of assets, whose acquisition is necessary for the core activities of this company. But to increase the profitability of the firm also may invest temporarily available resources to various types of assets, income, but do not participate […]

Strategical Planning

The Model of Ansoff did not take in consideration important changes that they imply in the strategy, as factors politicians, the power, the culture and the communication, being worried only about the questions related with the organization in the market. Drucker (2000), in its book Introduction the Administration, keeps in an one of its chapters […]

American Marketing Association

Marketing (or Russian rynkovedenie) – is "the implementation of business processes in the direction of the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer" – American Marketing Association says. Making adjustments to now, we simply formulate the concept of marketing as an area of knowledge that deals with market needs, strengths and weaknesses of […]

Suspended Ceilings

The advantage to stretch ceilings Photo: practicality ecological fire safety serviceability design of suspended ceilings – the selection criteria before you order the design of suspended ceilings with art photopress sure to pay attention to design are made of ecologically harmless to the health of colors. The firm – the seller must have certificates proving […]

The Strong Sense Of Religiosity

In the third volume of the spiritual guidelines of the Religion of God, collection that has published over the past 10 years, Paiva Netto played one of the most serious wounds of human life on Earth, and that needs to be recognized and treated so as to avoid gangrene: is the duty of Religion, beyond […]