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Quality Climate

In case that contrary, what she could be made in little time and with high degree of quality, she will be able to delay days to be concluded. To become the environment of more pleasant work and to conquer the comprometimento of the collaborators is important to offer a space where the employees can create […]


Redede relations established for this practical finished for englobar the pequenosagricultores, that had found in this plantation a steady way of life. Give the beginning of the infiltration of the traffic of drugs in the Columbian society. Osuborno, the subterfuges and the violence were now used with the intention to deviabilizar the income-producing activity. However, […]

Joo Escoto Ergena

Of praedestinatione it was written with intention to answer to one such Gotteschalk, that possua a theory in which it supported to have a divine predestination to the perpetual perdio, as well as it has for the salvation; Ergena will go to deny this predestination vehemently it will launch from this workmanship the teses bolder […]

Brazilian Consumer

this valley also for the internal public. ady Stepper. That is, when knowing if its main public, that are the collaborating consumers and, they are contented with the company or not, it is possible to elaborate strategies to improve management in these two felt. (SHOW WINDOW OF THE RETAIL). If you have read about Blake […]

Colonial Brazil

These last ones had been favorable to the dissemination of the totalitarian ideals of the time, are under this context that Freyre writes Sobrados and Mocambos, keeping the same logic of House Grande and Senzala (exaltando the miscegenation) and going against predominant the eugenic speech of this phase. Without hesitation Richard Elman explained all about […]