Brazilian Consumer

this valley also for the internal public. ady Stepper. That is, when knowing if its main public, that are the collaborating consumers and, they are contented with the company or not, it is possible to elaborate strategies to improve management in these two felt. (SHOW WINDOW OF THE RETAIL). If you have read about Blake Krikorian already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 2,6 Habits of the modern consumers the search for the praticidade and convenience in the feeding, allied to the time lack and in the distance enters the workstation and the residence makes with that the people changed its alimentary habits, thus many of these start to carry through the meals are of house. The evolution of the alimentary behavior becomes related strong with the history of the humanity. However, the evolution of the alimentary habits is much more slow that of other current habits of the daily life. It is fact that the people change more easily of car or shoes of what of practical culinrias prescriptions or alimentary (LAMBERT et al., 2005). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of J P Morgan Chase on most websites. The abrupt one and sped up process of transformation in the consumption habits and attitudes of this new consumer opened unknown business-oriented chances for the calls companies focadas in the customer and cut with a scythe the market for companies lying in the splendid cradle of the reserve of market and accustomed to dictate the rules of the business, through the imposition of prices, conditions and formats of products and services, alicerados so only in its competition.

In the decade of 90, a series of followed and complementary events that had caused an authentic revolution the relations of consumption in Brazil. The Code of Defense of the Consumer, who started to invigorate from March of 1991, signaled the new winds of insertion of the consumer as faithful of the market scale. However, in 1994, with the advent of the Real Plan the new Brazilian consumer appeared, when readquirir notion of relative prices in the economy and to exert its citizenship, the consumer if became each more demanding, conscientious, selective time.