Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Personality

When a thief enters in a property stealing what he does not belong it, it not only attacks the property, it wounded to the principles of the man. ' ' When defending its property, the man defends itself exactly, its personalidade.' ' (p.42). In the man two distinct pains existed, physical pain and the moral. […]

Meire Ane

We decide I and my together colleague who the convivncia would be the solution in the attempt to conciliate house-son-work-study of the best possible form resulting of this union many critical ones, reflections, constructions, joys and sadnesses, however moved for one only passion: to make education with love and commitment offering to the child affection, […]

Offset Printing

Offset printing (sheet fed) – one of the classic ways, which is essentially dominant due to high quality, efficiency and productivity. Offset Printing provides high quality printed output, excellent reproduction of fine details, good transmission semitones. The main operating principle is this: any image is applied to a specially treated plate, and then with the […]

Infantile Education

The present article has for purpose to acquire knowledge the educator of whom the referring problems the Infantile Education are related to practical the educative ones (education method). It is perceived that the educators of the present time need to use themselves of the playful one in the infantile education, therefore, when separating the adult […]