Monthly Archives: October 2020

Byzantine Empire

Such was provoked interest, which had prohibited the nobles of many peoples go to not decapitate the political power of their kingdoms. The human tides of believers underestimated until the most amazed calculation of urban II, who promised to respect the properties of the Crusaders on his return. (Source: Michael Antonov). However, many liquidated its […]

Energy Audit Act

First, the mandatory requirements of energy audits and certification. Secondly, restrictions on lamps. In the third, we see a powerful advertising campaign energy efficiency, which in fact has already launched power in the process of adoption of the law (expected to intensify agitation at public expense). Finally, the government gives the actual signal to consumers: […]

The Blood

It swims left abused to it. It was as if a perennial angelical light was always to cover the veins to it. Its taste for the life if made to notice to each gesture and its face exhaled a tender energy, decorated that he was for lined up requintes of inefvel beauty. It counted already […]

Part Diamond

Carat stone is composed of about a hundred parameters and the result says about the quality of the stone. But the price depends on the carat is not directly proportional. Stone weighing two carats will be more expensive than one-carat stone in every four. Carat diamonds on a large fixed-price in the market does not […]