Byzantine Empire

Such was provoked interest, which had prohibited the nobles of many peoples go to not decapitate the political power of their kingdoms. The human tides of believers underestimated until the most amazed calculation of urban II, who promised to respect the properties of the Crusaders on his return. (Source: Michael Antonov). However, many liquidated its assets as the certainty of a return to such an undertaking, was of prognosis. The campaign for Antioch. Internal rivalries.

Meanwhile the Muslims, who were unaware what was happening even in the West, had virtually surrounded by Christianity in an empire that even today, extends from the Atlantic and western coasts of Africa to the Zagros (Iran), including in their domains North and the African Horn, the Levant, Mesopotamia and throughout the Arabian Peninsula. United by faith in Muhammad, the Prophet maximum and preferred of Allah (God) as opposed to Christians, the unity of this people went beyond religion: was in their struggle for the desert, considerable faith, absolute reverence to the Koran (Holy Book), and the existential orientation towards Mecca (city where he was born for Mahoma). The fight began, as we refer to paragraphs above, with the failed attempt of Peter the hermit and his crusade for the poor. Their leader, bringing together the remnants, waited the thickness of cross troops who met between November 1096 and 1097 may in Rome (where urban II ended his disputes with the antipope Clement III) and then at Constantinople, to go finally to Nicaea, now capital of the Sultanate of Rum and former City of the Byzantine Empire. The cross-call of the Princes was formed by a series of contingent armed from mainly d Joaquin Toledo, specialist in universal history, with extensive experience in research on world conflicts and wars. .