German Empire

I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, and swore that it him to pay back. The opportunity soon came. I read an interesting book and didn’t want to be bothered. He came in, briefly scanned the situation and left my room. Why is he now? Is he offended? again, I did not understand his behavior. I excited myself and had no rest more for reading. Annoyed I ran to him after what this is? Why are you running away? I don’t run away yet. You’ve read.

We can Yes talk later he answered and rummaged calmly on his computer. Nothing is OK. But I want you to stay with me, even when I read he looked at me smiling and came up to me: Yes, everything will be fine he tried to calm me down and seemed at least my behavior to understand really. With the backlash it has not properly, it became quickly clear me. I decided not to drill, but remained on alert. But nothing happened. It took not just his time until I now understand his need to retreat behind the Another was the desire to think alone about various things, or to be simple times not for others.

Now I need more room for me. How did so, the initial misunderstanding? I’ve changed now? The man is extremely adaptable and can many inconveniences for a long time and endure all adversities of fate. That doesn’t mean that he always wants to live with the unfavourable conditions and when his improvement in Vista is provided him. Then he takes the chance and improve his quality of life. He must make this not even aware. The man quickly accustomed to better, more comfortable, more beautiful. Now no one has to die at least in Europe for more space. No one must sell his soul or to clamp itself by Weirdos in their stuff can be. Already, European history showed that the battle for more space ended with the conquest of the same. And if, then meant the by no means more space for everyone and to It is this space for everyone. Man can not even determine how big will be whatever the personal space at the end, but he should have it. It’s the psychic hygiene because. Who knows what all this could have been avoided, if something alone would have been space for it everyone available, in the 12th century, when Europe had made on the way against his enemies of the faith, and in the 20th century, as the space in the East as the only direction of extension for the German Empire in question came. The man who has more room for himself and his thoughts, is not easy to move, to go against other people in the field. He reflected, is slower, perhaps too cautious in judging others. More force is needed to remove him from this comfortable position. So long, he has his room, he will be not so easy to convince, that he lacked the space.