Low accident rate and a high degree of reliability and durability of engineering services provided, firstly, the strict adherence to regulations, instructions and regulations documents, and secondly, skilled installation of pipelines. Installation must be performed by professionals who have special training and have significant experience in similar works. Otherwise, the euphoria of cheapness and ease of installation of products will soon pass, as soon as it is necessary to alter the system, performing at the same time and repairs. The average price of a standard work on the apartment – 10-15 thousand rubles. This includes cost of materials, and Payment of professionals.

Price may change – increase or decrease – depending on the complexity and scope. Citigroup is often quoted as being for or against this. Materials for pipes: Which pipe will be used in your bath and bathroom – no small matter. Pipes for distributing water in the apartments are copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastic and made from polymer compounds. In recent years, came to the fore two leaders: pvc and polymers. I must say that metaploplastik due to its quality is better than its competitors in popularity.

Metal pipes are not only combines the best qualities of metal and plastic pipes, but also deprived of most of their shortcomings. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Michael Antonov. The design consists of several layers: the outer layer of cross-linked PE-X, resistant to ultraviolet rays, the middle layer – aluminum pipe with wall thickness 0,2-2 mm, welded on the length of the butt or overlap, the inner layer – PE-X. All three layers are interconnected at the molecular level, so that n linear temperature differences change the length of the pipe took place the same in a layer (linear change composition pipe is comparable to copper and steel pipes). Incidentally, it is a linear extension of heating was the main drawback of metal pipes of low-quality one because we do not related to each Other layers such pipes are extended in different ways, which leads to deformation of the pipe, the loss of appearance, damage to walls. By the clear advantage of metal and plastic can be added and fast installation. It does not require any special works. Tubes connect the press-fitting. There is quite a large range of diameters of these products (14-110 mm), but use of large pipes is economically inefficient because of the high cost of the connectors. K advantages of plastic pipes is their corrosion resistance, minimal friction head due to the low roughness of the inner surface, the relative cheapness, light weight and ease of installation. On the other hand, such pipes and its large size – not the most aesthetic solution, they must be protected from accidental damage and direct sunlight.