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Legal Amaznia

Innovative capital: it is a program of support to the companies in the development of innovative activities of systematic form, understanding investments in equipment, constructions and projects. Technological innovation: new support of technological projects that aim at innovation in development of products and/or processes that involve technological risk and chances of market. Criatec program: this […]


With aquelesol cracking the head decided for unamimity to prop up in the gate to eesperar after all polishes it was of question. – Landmarks! Its mother left? , it heard this investigation enquantopensava in the heat and without knowing who he asked answered: – Who? , while she raised and she tried to know […]


Care! Without the force auto-love in them we become victims of we ourselves, therefore to the one placing in them in the hand of other voluntarily, in the hope who will go to take care of and to fight for us and that they will be right with us, in giving what we find deserving, […]

Social Integration

Basaglia compared the colony of mentally ill, to a field deconcentrao, strengthening denunciations of bad-treatments and violence that already haviamsido made. The media gave to extreme importance to the visit of Basaglia to Brazil, eacabou producing one fort and decisive influence in the trajectory of the Brazilian ReformPsiquitrica. In this same time cineasta Helvcio Ratton […]

Francis Pelichek

With First the Great War, the sculptors contracted for Joo Vicente, had been little by little leaving the workshop to establish itself on account proper. (…) In 1914, Jesus Maria Corona established, in the street Voluntary of the Native land, its atelier in society with Jose Ghiringhelli. Eight years later, in 1922, Jesus Maria Corona […]


The person who reads acquires knowledge enriching its vocabulary and extends its personal formation potencializando its intellectual capacity of use and manipulation of the knowledge. According to Blacksmith, the reading in the ones of a security in the construction of the clear language saying what we want to say. The information guarantees a satisfactory level […]

The Proposal

The justification is the reason that the research must be made and the objectives are what it is intended with the inquiry. Noble Founder may help you with your research. In the methodology she is necessary a formal description of the methods and used techniques and also the carried through readings. The main elements of […]


INTRODUCTION the public water supplying in terms of amount and quality is an increasing concern of the humanity, in function of the scarcity of the resource water and the deterioration of the quality of the sources (BRAZIL, 2006). Although the gamma of described information and knowledge in proven literature and in practical on the importance […]

Internet ELV

Internet access via co@xLAN is resistant to interference by screened coaxial and allows a transfer rate of up to 200 Mbit / s surfing on power high, high-bandwidth data throughput provides the Powerline – or dLAN technology that enables the connection to the global network via the power supply. To the user an adapter via […]

Daniel Mockenhaupt

HY-LINE computer components presented the world’s first 19.0 inch super XGA color TFT LCD modules for industrial applications. HY-LINE computer components presented the world’s first 19.0 inch super XGA color TFT LCD modules for industrial applications. The new AA190EA01 module is characterised by very good brightness 1500 cd/m2 and a high service life of 100,000 […]