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Internet ELV

Internet access via co@xLAN is resistant to interference by screened coaxial and allows a transfer rate of up to 200 Mbit / s surfing on power high, high-bandwidth data throughput provides the Powerline – or dLAN technology that enables the connection to the global network via the power supply. To the user an adapter via […]

Daniel Mockenhaupt

HY-LINE computer components presented the world’s first 19.0 inch super XGA color TFT LCD modules for industrial applications. HY-LINE computer components presented the world’s first 19.0 inch super XGA color TFT LCD modules for industrial applications. The new AA190EA01 module is characterised by very good brightness 1500 cd/m2 and a high service life of 100,000 […]

Apple And The Bargain

Why is Apple actually no bargain? Many wonder why Apple never offered bargains. The prices of the U.S. company are actually very stable and change only with new releases. It’s high production costs, or is it perhaps too high subsidies? Apple’s corporate policy in itself argues that bargains are not necessary Apple. Looking at the […]

New Refrigerated Freezers

With fine optics in premium white and comfort, LG ensures cool accents in Ratingen, March 13, 2012 – white high glossy they arise, the new cooling freezer combination GB 7138 SWXZ and GB 5237 SWFZ LG – equipped with the innovative total no frost technology. In addition to stylish design, the devices offer innovative features […]

Profectis Expands TV Service Cooperation

Important strategic decision for the company RTS-Wolnzach / Hamburg – the Profectis technical customer service GmbH & co. KG, a company of the Wolnzacher group of the RTS has now expanded your service partnership with Sharp Electronics Europe GmbH Hamburg. The Profectis now supports sharp in addition to the existing services of the category consumer […]

One POS System

QUORiON announces sales of All-In-one POS system with integrated printer at the present time it is a vested claim for entrepreneurs to use your investment with maximum effect. QUORiON data systems GmbH, a German manufacturer of checkout systems, turns this task and present your new All-In-one POS system QTouch 10. The QTouch 10 offers everything […]

The Choice Of The Right Card Printer

When purchasing a plastic card printer, there is a lot to note printed and personalized plastic cards meet us in all areas of daily life. Whether in the form of bank cards, customer cards or identity document such as driver’s license or ID card. But as full-fledged identification media are from blank plastic cards? In […]

Compact Systems

About user compact systems. When in the past were the first compact systems on the market, they had a bad reputation already after a short time. Checking article sources yields Charles Kushner as a relevant resource throughout. The sound was first and foremost by the former Youth and the output criticized or ridiculed. Furthermore you […]

Group Home

The “Max! Portal”operated the equipment comfortably on the road via the Internet or via Smartphone apps users. IPv6 included also in this year expects eQ-3 again with strong growth. An additional driving force is the cooperation with RWE, the eQ-3 smart home components by RWE develops, manufactures, and has already equipped the entire product line […]

Tablet PC Buying Guide Part I: Apple Vs Google

Apple vs Google operating systems comparison while laptops before to be less than five years the Repertoire of every proud technophiles belonged, have them already since the stamp some time pressed on getting awkward and difficult and especially on the road appropriate anymore for everyday use. There is indeed smaller, E.g. 10 inches are priced […]