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The functional illiterate has difficulties of insertion in the market of work and the social life as a whole, a time that if feels incapable to carry through small tasks that involve the understanding of what it also reads and if feel when introspecta inferiorizado, to the times in irreversible way, that does not have […]

Use Company

This if applies the Educational ABC, a company who has a clear perception on the necessity to keep its internal and external customers, with focus in its collaborators with the creation of a program of Training and Development of people. For this the use of the tool training, as form to characterize the people for […]

Tax Burden Falls

The deceleration of the economy and the measures of disinvesting of a charge adopted by the government had made the tax burden to fall in the first trimester of this year. The weight of the taxes (federal, state and municipal) in the pocket of contributors and companies represented 38.45% of the Gross domestic product (the […]