Monthly Archives: March 2012

Performance Merit Evaluation

We go to leave well clearly: this article does not have any intention to criticize the tool or the practical one of a company in evaluating people aiming at its professional development, redirecionamento of career, uprising training necessities nor, neither, the intrinsic habit to the human being to judge its fellow creature & ndash; after […]

Being Proactive

"The biggest and most important victory is to conquer yourself." – Plato As promised in "" I'm bringing the first of the seven habits to achieve a successful effect on our lives, be proactive. It is the first not by chance, but because nothing is possible until we take the reins of our lives, and […]

The Cover

To place a phone number is better on every page, not just on the cover. If you want a visitor, once on site, filled out the questionnaire or other form, do so in man is not any question (why, I give it, and so on) and install it on every page of a bright banner […]