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The State

The State comes, gradually, suffering to deep modifications and social transformations. The increasing one would reengenharia of the state being, its reorganization administrative politics and, but mainly conceptual, it imposes a serious and deep legal quarrel how much to the question of the protection to the people whom if they use of the public service. […]


Guided for a script of studies and guided for the professors you discipline of them previously mentioned, the researchers had carried through one interview (field research) the employees and had observed the internal environment of the establishment. For Marconi (1990, P. 75 apud ANDRADE, 2009, p.117), ' ' Research of field is that one used […]

Richard Scott Objectives

(HALL, 1984, P. 21) Already Barnard, (1938) through Hall, (1984) was a little different of Weber, but it agreed to it to diverse aspects, the same believed that the organization is & ldquo; of activities two more people or or a system forces conscientiously coordenadas& rdquo; (BARNARD, 1938, p.73) apud (HALL, 1984, p.21). Then, the […]

YES Plastic

In accordance with escolaridade 25% of the interviewed ones has only basic education, 25% average education and 50% have superior education (graphical III). Percentage of people in accordance with the etria band: E. Superior= 25%; E. Mdio=50%; E. Fundamental=25% In accordance with graph IV, 45% of the interviewed ones says that it offers of the […]

Torrent Trackers

Domain delegation of Russia's largest torrent tracker was suspended by the decision of the prosecutor's office. Informs the press service of the registrar of domain names in. Ru 'Ru-Center'. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Stuart Solomon. In connection with any such matter was taken decision, the press service did not […]