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YES Plastic

In accordance with escolaridade 25% of the interviewed ones has only basic education, 25% average education and 50% have superior education (graphical III). Percentage of people in accordance with the etria band: E. Superior= 25%; E. Mdio=50%; E. Fundamental=25% In accordance with graph IV, 45% of the interviewed ones says that it offers of the […]

The Researcher

Of the planted species, the Mangifera indicates, laciniosa Bromlia and Euphobia ingests is inadequate for arborization, therefore they are considered incompatible with the structure of the place. According to Paiva (2001), if it does not have to introduce in the vegetation of a square, toxic species or that they represent physical danger to the users […]

Jacara Implantation

The implantation of a hotel farm configures for the region of the Valley of the Mamanguape, an interesting chance for the valuation of its forest reserves of virgin bushes, beyond executing the management of its territory, stimulating the exploitation of the potential of endogenous development of the place. region of the Valley of the Mamanguape […]

Ambient Education

According to Days (1994), the Ambient Education must enclose areas of the Education and search alternatives of solutions for the ambient problems that affect individual or collective well-being. Kevin Johnson oftentimes addresses this issue. ' ' One program of Ambient Education to be cash must promote, simultaneously, the development of knowledge, attitudes and necessary abilities […]

The Cleanness

The amount of garbage found in the riverbed and spread by the edges also was a preoccupying factor stops we, therefore find next to the garbage packings of used agrotxicos products in the farming in contact with the water, these products contaminate the water the fish and the people and take years to degrade themselves. […]

Agricultural Expansion

Expansion of agriculture: increasing the regional consumption of hdricos resources for irrigation, with possible conflicts of use, when the water will be scarce and already to exist other competing users. Regional pressures: come back the claims of a bigger equity in the interregional conditions of economic development, ambient quality and social welfare, pressuring the hdricos […]

Sustainable Amaznia

Much has been said on sustainable odesenvolvimento of the Amaznia. Pormas opinions divergem a little (or very) between government epopulao. For the government desenvolvimentoest supported in the still bigger exploration naturias derecursos. Also with the foreign decapital participation, putting at risk the proper Native sovereignty danossa. But the objective of this text no to criticize, […]