Monthly Archives: July 2017

Power Consumption

Change in power consumption may manually with the remote control transmitter, or automatically using feedback from pressure sensors, flow, etc. The presence of embedded controllers for sensors, control panels to display the technological parameters, built-in thermal protection, overvoltage protection and maximum currents of safe shutdown, making connection of converters to existing drive systems available for […]

Jacara Implantation

The implantation of a hotel farm configures for the region of the Valley of the Mamanguape, an interesting chance for the valuation of its forest reserves of virgin bushes, beyond executing the management of its territory, stimulating the exploitation of the potential of endogenous development of the place. region of the Valley of the Mamanguape […]

Agricultural Subsidies

Yes gentlemen! Not be able to subsidize our agricultural economy because we break international rules anti-dumping, i.e. do unfair competition at the international level and therefore produce discomfort in the global trade, thats a taboo cigar. The developed world is strongly protectionist and subsidizes full hands. In 1991, the agricultural subsidies granted by the OECD […]

Credit Card

Go to a mall with your credit card is what leads many people to bankruptcy. Studies say that the more time a person in a commercial time, will be more buying. The problem is not buying, the problem is the quality of the purchased. Please visit Starbucks if you seek more information. Many people buy […]

Screen Boliviana

Bolivia is becoming operational base for criminals, mercenaries and opportunistic politicians everywhere. As it did not happen, but during and after the second world war, they begin to reach refugees. Bolivia due to its enviable stability and political maturity, for being a country where strictly complies with the Act and its citizens protected feel by […]

Social Assistance

According to Sheep (2000), still thus, the existing legal apparatuses are not enough to hinder the particularizao and occupation it aboriginal territory. For if dealing with extensions of lands that take care of to the capitalist yearnings and as consequence, they project interferences politics and of legislative character that they influence the positivao and efetivao […]