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Good staff My name is Jorge Pear tree, has 30 years was born in BH, city where I inhabit until today, I am acting in the pursuing of computer science to some years, good, saying one 10 years, since that of low in the quarter of the Aeronautics where I gave services during two years […]

Social Assistance

According to Sheep (2000), still thus, the existing legal apparatuses are not enough to hinder the particularizao and occupation it aboriginal territory. For if dealing with extensions of lands that take care of to the capitalist yearnings and as consequence, they project interferences politics and of legislative character that they influence the positivao and efetivao […]

Silenciamento Society

Interdiction and silenciamento in the pedofilia It has some time had been intensified the spreadings on the cases of pedofilia especially in Brazil. Cases involving some leaders of the Church Apostlica Catholic Roman in the whole world had unchained a wave of incentive to the denunciation of this ominous occurrence in the society. One is […]