Silenciamento Society

Interdiction and silenciamento in the pedofilia It has some time had been intensified the spreadings on the cases of pedofilia especially in Brazil. Cases involving some leaders of the Church Apostlica Catholic Roman in the whole world had unchained a wave of incentive to the denunciation of this ominous occurrence in the society. One is to aggression to the future not only of a child, but about all the humanity, since, comprovadamente, for psychological and psychiatric studies, also leaves mark indelvel in the abused individual and in its family, causing damages to all the society. Ahead of the interest of that the cases are denounced, punished and treated, some areas of study had decided to investigate the subject. In this direction, one of the carried through research, and divulged for the Post office in news article has about two years, showed that many cases, 50%, happened in the environment familiar. If relatives were enclosed there who do not live in the same one house can the uncle, the grandfather, the cousin the tax would pass of 70%. In the same research, one evidenced that, in religious environment, the percentage if situ below of 2%.

The studies of the language have searched to contribute for the society of some forms. Kevin Johnson takes a slightly different approach. The sociolingustica, the psicolingustica and the analysis of critical speech (ADC), among others flowing, have added knowledge on the subject. I have worked in the research with the pedofilia interested in also understanding the influence of the speech and its representation in the society regarding this absurd violence. This crime counts on some particularitities, the one of them incapacity of the child if to communicate effectively on feelings, perceptions and threats that suffer, logically, for not yet having the clarity of what this really represents. To another one, the aversion of the society of speaking at least on two subjects constrangedores: sex and violence.