Monthly Archives: September 2015

Euro ETF

The word ETF comes from an acronym in English which means (Exchange-Traded-Funds) and could be called in Spanish (quoted investment fund) the ETF are investment funds listed on the stock exchanges in the same way as shares. Unlike traditional funds, it is not necessary to wait for the closing net asset value for operations of […]

The Demand For Gold Is Growing Further

Precious metals trading Frings from Aachen informed demand in the gold sector continues to grow. No wonder, because gold is an attractive investment opportunity that is profitable by the steadily rising price of gold for many investors. Despite the gold price corrected last so strongly, as for many years no longer. Precious metals trading Frings […]

Ulrich Linnemann Manager

Lows for silver, end of June are likely to be achieved overlooking the long-term seasonality before demand from the jewellery industry is covering up for the fall, to rise again. A bubble is currently not to detect, but a small primary surplus in silver, so the conclusion of Zaki, in precious metals of the integrity […]

General Director

The first and important instrument in establishing a firm is a charter. The Charter is developed so that as many opportunities as possible for the freedom of action was in the future. But not always provide all yes and it is impossible. But if more than one of the company and activities that are going […]