Monthly Archives: April 2018

Standing Committees

ARTICLE 144. The sessions of the Chambers and their standing committees shall be public, with the constraints being effected in accordance with its rules. ARTICLE 145. The full Congress, House and its committees can not open sessions or deliberate less than a quarter of its members. Decisions may be taken only with the assistance of […]

Internet Program

This is a brief explanation of the different types of wifi antennas that exist in the market, at least the most widely used. To orient an antenna wifi to a router in a network domestic, although extrapolated to any installation of wireless link program Netstumbler is used. This program is free and can download directly […]

Credit Online

For anybody the great amount of doors is a secret that the Internet has abierto in infinity of aspects of the newspaper to live and the credits online in Colombia are not the exception. Nowadays it is possible to know the quota his credit, the conditions of the credit, to know how the proceedings required […]

Leticia Emerald

In 1939, obtained awards for a series of peasant tales in Argentina, and Editorial Zig-Zag publishes its first book of short stories traces on the Earth. In 1941, he was appointed Librarian of the Lycee of men of Rancagua (renamed in the early 1970s as Liceo Oscar Castro Zuniga thanks to management students and members […]

Latin American

The international financial crisis has significantly impacted on the economic context that must deal with the makers of monetary policy in the countries of Latin America. The challenge now facing the Latin American central banks has no doubt a greater degree of complexity which faced since a couple of months ago. The focus of the […]

Reflections On The Day Of The Patient

Doctors, as responsible professionals, the health of the community, to ensure we are not exempt from indistinguishable border crossing and become minor or serious disease patient and when this is the case, we have felt the need to raise his voice to pinpoint some shortcomings that cracked the relationship doctor-patient relationship that is based on […]

National Government

Before this reality that lets much say and that it surprises, then a revolutionary government, does not have to be mistaken in all concerning the education, because he assumes must be clearly in its mission, vision to to try to institute a modern socialism, unfortunately, he has not valorized what represents the education in his […]

Relax Your Muscles

Are more subtle body and, of course, more dangerous. When you are aware of your thoughts, you will astound you discover what is happening within you. If you write down what is happening in your mind all the time, you’ll get a big surprise. You do not believe what is happening inside you. Alcyone on […]