National Government

Before this reality that lets much say and that it surprises, then a revolutionary government, does not have to be mistaken in all concerning the education, because he assumes must be clearly in its mission, vision to to try to institute a modern socialism, unfortunately, he has not valorized what represents the education in his objectives and what is more important, he lets much say, the form like management all concerning the roll that the universities must carry out, to the fairness and justice of an equitable payment, just, with wages decent, towards the educational ones, working college students, accredited according to the economic reality of the present and without preference towards other sectors, like the one of the public administration where there are remunerations over those of the educational ones. Finally, he is very valid what that declares Red, he costs to include/understand much, how the National Government takes east type from measures and discriminates the reality of houses of studies. He is doubtless that a country needs professors paid and preparations well, since that goes directly with the development of a nation. At Ben Horowitz you will find additional information. Without the contest of the university, its professors, its administrative and working, safe personnel we will have a country in direct route to the hollow of the mediocrity. I have to hope, that the government meditates on these taken measures, because the luxury cannot be allowed to be mistaken, especially in a thinking sector like is the one of the universities that include significant numbers of people who must very be taken into account, especilamente before the aspirations of a new re-election. The president, lieutenant colonel Hugo Chavez, cannot allow errors, must concentrate themselves more in than their work parties evaluate the reach correctly, repercussions that the measures that are taken generate. Hopefully they occur to passages to remedial actions that favor to him with right actions, equitable, favorable for its interests Educational of postgraduate, Phases, UC.