Reflections On The Day Of The Patient

Doctors, as responsible professionals, the health of the community, to ensure we are not exempt from indistinguishable border crossing and become minor or serious disease patient and when this is the case, we have felt the need to raise his voice to pinpoint some shortcomings that cracked the relationship doctor-patient relationship that is based on trust and awareness in all its magnitude, relationship that is based on the indissoluble unity with our patient. Dr. Fernando Cabieses, used to say, that before a trade or profession, medicine was a Religion, the exercise of which rested on the unrestricted practice of humanism. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Johnson). Dr. Hugo Pesce, used to say that the patient must take care of it, serve it and do not use the current era has weakened these millenary exercise bases doctor, has definitely cracked the raison d ‘ etre of the doctor who is none other than the patient, and from this standpoint, our national Dean, Dr. Ciro Maguina, has had the happy initiative of boost on August 13, as the day of the Patient, perhaps advised in its nights of meditation, by the immortals of our eponymous spirits who were born a 13 August or very close to it and that in turn democratically represent the three regions of the country, such as Daniel A. Carrion, (La Oroya), Jose Cayetano Heredia Sanchez Center, North (Piura) and Hippolytus join Pavon, South (Arica-Tacna)all them, as we all know, good men, who gave up their lives in favor of our fellow human beings, and their existence which makes this date proposed by don Ciro, as an emblematic date which will allow the doctors of today and always, make an assessment critical and -criticism of our relationship with the patient, looking permanently find us with our immortal humanism and service rootsMedicine requires their physicians a practical social, solidarity, for the vast majority of doctors full of sacrifices, risks and privations, almost always above and apart from our fair demands, labor and social, never served by different Governments.